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From Sam Harris 1 0
Welcome to the SAMHARRIS.ORG Forum
Posted: 12-08-2004 11:35 AM
Author: Sam Harris
Specific Comments on Letter to a Christian Nation 179 5968
For the imaginary asshole in the sky
Posted: 10-14-2014 09:36 AM
Author: Hulkafunda
Specific Comments on The End of Faith 445 11001
Evolution takes a beating, live coast to coast!
Posted: 10-16-2014 08:03 AM
Specific Comments on The Moral Landscape 42 357
Other Reading 459 3815
Dominance and The Young Turks Interview
Posted: 4 hours, 25 minutes ago
Author: BigRed91
Politics, Religion, Philosophy, and Science
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Forum Name Topics Replies Latest Post Info
Politics and Organizational Issues 2267 33860
Organizations for Freethinkers/Humanists Whatevers
Posted: 12 hours, 58 minutes ago
Author: PhishPhanPhil
Faith (General Issues) 1432 26207
Let’s play a game
Posted: 10-19-2014 05:45 AM
Author: Ragnar
Christianity (specific issues) 1685 30326
Trinity: What a fabulous form of trickery
Posted: 1 hour, 4 minutes ago
Author: Vipersdad
Islam (specific issues) 461 5900
Muslim Atheism
Posted: 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
Author: magnocrat
Judaism (specific issues) 119 1040
Cults 100 1207
Scientology - Eyes wide shut
Posted: 10-19-2014 06:40 AM
Author: Ragnar
New Age Beliefs 67 1619
Meditation and breathing - need advice!
Posted: 10-24-2014 04:31 PM
Author: Q.E.D
Science 661 9069
Paranormal experience
Posted: 10-19-2014 04:03 PM
Author: Q.E.D
Philosophy 242 5189
Beyond Religion
Posted: 10-19-2014 05:49 AM
Author: Ragnar
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General Discussion

Discussion of current events and participation in intelligent conversation with other users.
850 8344
meditation types
Posted: 25 minutes ago
Author: pajduska
Discussion of, and links to, audio and video clips
234 1076
Ben Shapiro takes on Ben Affleck’s muslim support
Posted: 10-15-2014 05:06 PM
Author: chrono
News Items 294 1622
10 baptists arrested in Haiti
Posted: 08-26-2014 01:31 AM
Author: magnocrat
Upcoming Events 40 285
About and this forum
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Information & Announcements

Important forum information and announcements. Need help? Try looking here first.
2 8
Project Reason and Sam Harris forums
Posted: 07-04-2013 05:05 PM
Author: Nhoj Morley
Forum Requests

For bug reports, help requests, or requests of the Moderators, post them here.
92 491
Forum problems?
Posted: 09-30-2014 11:45 PM
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