aftermath of school shooting and rise of religion
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I’m somewhat baffled and freaked by the media coverage (primarily all the so-called cable new channels) following the Newtown school shooting and how the media treats religion and the concepts of god and heaven so postively and literally.  CNN is interviewing a lot of extreme religious figures and seriously discussing heaven, the process of entering heaven and how the victims are together with Jesus, etc.  It’s pretty startling how extreme and detailed the discussions have been on CNN, MSNBC and especially FOX.  What’s the deal?  Are we sliding back into the medieval thinking.  What makes everyone get super religious and superstitious after these tragic events.  Will we ever break free of this form of insanity?  It’s pretty disturbing.

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It is very surprising.  Jesus had his head up his ass during the attack, yet people still think he’s worthy of praise. 
We don’t treat the terribly incompetent with praise in real life.  Why should incompetence be rewarded when it comes to deities?


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I prefer the full-on embrace of reality to the spiritual masturbation that is religion.
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