Please ponder objectively
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To All Concerned:

Please note that the following article was posted at on December 23, 2006:

This article just appeared online on January 6, 2007, two weeks later:,,2089-2535310,00.html

Once that is digested, I suggest a reading of:

If there are any intelligent people left in the intelligence community, please also direct them to:

...which I posted in 2002, and have them do a search for the word "America".

Regarding the "strange" weather we're having now, click on the link here:

Please also consider the following regarding specific, documented prophecies published by Billy Meier on February 3, 1995 (and in "And Yet They Fly!", 2001, "And Yet They Fly!", 2004):

"New weapons will once again create quite a stir, and so will the death of 4 heads of state who will die within 7 days from each other. These then are the last danger signs, which foretell that within merely 2 years of these events the long-feared world war will indeed erupt, unless terrestrials finally gain mastery over their reasoning to stop all these ills."

Pinochet (Dec. 10)
Niyazov   (Dec. 21)
Ford     (Dec. 26)
Saddam Hussein (Dec. 30)

(While Pinochet and Niyazov died 11 days apart and not within 7 days of each other, an actual error of 4 days, would a wise person not pause to consider the improbability of someone coming this close,11 years in advance?)

If it's not clear as to how accurately our dead end path has been foreseen by a more advanced race, and just how collectively stupid we (and especially our leadership) are, then perhaps it really is hopeless.

I prefer to think that it's still up to us but time is running out.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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What a gullible fool you are!

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If it’s not clear as to how accurately our dead end path has been foreseen by a more advanced race, and just how collectively stupid we (and especially our leadership) are, then perhaps it really is hopeless.

It’s not accurate, we create our own future. If you really want the end of the world to come, it will surely come if enough people make it so. Predictions aren’t predictions if you are predicting where you will end up.

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Billy Meier is genuine.

The facts about the Prophecy and Prediction should be brought to bear, for this sectarian, atheist, ‘scientific’ theater.

Prophecy - A foretelling of the future that will come to pass if action in human thought doesn’t change.

Prediction - A foretelling of future events that cannot change. 

I think that people associate themselves with groups without the daily grounding in reality that they need in order to remain open minded and on the path of growth. Once the association occurs without the grounding the mind becomes infected with a laziness. Then the laziness will then lead to belief and therefore the only rebuttal to something outside the belief comes in the form of defensive posturing. It is also the case that those that adhere to groups are compelled to think only with-in the prescribed frame work of that group/belief.

There are numerous examples of this in-every day life when a slant of do no wrong is afforded a particular group and not others; ie the catholic church’s protection of molester priests - of-coarse if you are not a priest and you are a molester the church will not protect you. wink

Science has a beautiful simplicity to it, it is the study of the law of cause and effect. Take this premise and apply it with all due diligence to the Billy Meier case and see if it holds water.

I have all the proof I need that the case is genuine and funny enough the proof I have it is factual.


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Prophecy is not real.

It is essentially just guessing.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Good luck with believing in bullshit though.

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snake Really

“A broken clock is right twice a day.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t explain prophecy, but rather prediction.
In the most logical sense you have no idea that you are a believer.
You have entered in to the religion of “Drum roll please” Atheism.

Your an Atheist, congratulations you have left one box of prescribed thinking and entered another.

When you get tired of being lazy, and maybe just maybe learn how to think critically for yourself.

You may come to the realization that…

If someone says they have evidence…

(Holding breath)...

Ask them what it is, and let the kid in you come-out!
You know the one that likes the frosted side of mini-wheats,
the curious part of you.

OR you can continue with your current situation
of consciousness numbing wonderful embitterment life style.


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