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Andrew Marr’s guests include neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, Russian writer Masha Gessen, geneticist and journalist Adam Rutherford and the Rev Lucy Winkett.

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Talk of the Nation: Can Science Shape Human Values? And Should It?

Ira Flatow talks with scientists and philosophers about the origins of human values, and the influence of modern scientific thought on human values. Even if science can shape human morals, should it? Or does science bring its own set of preconceptions and prejudices to moral questions?
Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Lawrence Krauss, Simon Blackburn

Can Science Shape Human Values? And Should It?



The Ground Zero Mosque: Sam Harris vs. Reza Aslan

August 18, 2010

Sam Harris speaks with Patt Morrison and Reza Aslan about the Ground Zero Mosque and the problem of Islam.

The Ground Zero Mosque: Debate with Reza Aslan



Sam Harris picks a fight with God

Aired: February 12, 2010

Sam Harris speaks with Patt Morrison from the 2010 TED conference.

Interview with Patt Morrison



All Things Considered: “Atheist Brigade Takes Arguments to the Tolerant”

Aired: December 15, 2006

In response to the growing power of religious extremism, a small group of atheists has taken a new approach. Going on the offensive, they target the tolerant, with both reason - and ridicule. Brooke Gladstone, host of NPR’s On the Media, reports.

All Things Considered


On Point: “The State of the Enlightenment”

Aired: December 11, 2006


In April, 1966, the cover of Time magazine asked “Is God Dead?” Well, “no” the answer turned out to be. Despite centuries of science, the Enlightenment’s resistance to religious dogma, and modernity’s romance with reason, faith has not only survived but made a huge comeback in recent years. Now a raft of books, some bestsellers, argue again that humans must get beyond religion to move forward. That fundamentalism and doctrine breed conflict and darkness. But could it be that, despite the pullback of the religious right in recent U.S. elections, it is still science and reason that are in deep retreat?

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KCRW - The Politics of Culture: “The Philosophy of Religion”

Aired: October 3, 2006

Are the world’s major religions truly incompatible? KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour talks with authors Sam Harris, Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Kirsch about the philosophy of religion in today’s modern world.

“The Philosophy of Religion”


Talk of the Nation: “Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy”

Aired: Friday, October 2, 2006

Talk of the Nation, October 2, 2006 ·  In his new book, Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris advocates keeping religion out of public policy. He calls religion the biggest obstacle to a rational public discourse. In the first of a two-part series on religion and politics, Harris discusses his book.

“Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy”


Day to Day: “Author Challenges Faith of a ‘Christian Nation’”

Aired: Friday, September 29, 2006

In his new book Letter to a Christian Nation, author Sam Harris argues that faith is an antiquated and destructive notion that should be challenged more vigorously.

Author Challenges Faith of a ‘Christian Nation’


To the Best of Our Knowledge: “Is religion dangerous?”

Aired: Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is religion dangerous? Sam Harris thinks so. Harris is one of America’s most vocal critics of religion. He blames the violent verses in the Koran and the Bible for inciting religious conflict around the world. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk with Sam Harris about the dangers of religion.

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“The View from the End of the World”

Aired: Thursday, Dec 22, 2005

A lecture sponsored by the The Long Now Foundation, December 9th, 2005 (This lecture aired on KQED on December 22nd)

— FLV (video, but without visuals) - “The View from the End of the World”


On Point: “The End of All Religions?”

on-point-radioAired: Thursday, Dec 30, 2004

“Is religion ‘ignorance with wings?’ That’s what author Sam Harris claims in his new book, “The End of Faith.” He sets out to close the door on organized religion and argues for a world without Christianity, Islam or Judaism.”

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