A Tear at the Edge of Creation Gleiser, Marcelo Free Press (April 6, 2010)

Gleiser takes the reader on a personal journey out of the simplistic desire for “oneness” which dates back to the “Ionian Enchantment” held by some of the natural philosophers of ancient Greece and away from the string theorist’s futile search for a GUT or the ToE, in this well-researched and reasoned, empirically-grounded case/argument for an imperfect, asymmetric universe~a bottom-up, emergent, godless space-time that came about by pure chance…  this book will further enhance and buttress your own reality-embracing, intellectually honest views as well as provide a greater understanding and appreciation of what physicists’ models, theories, and experiments actually mean. It’s a refreshing, woo-free ride into matter and anti-matter. Get it Sam~! It’s great stuff.

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