A Tour of Duty in California 1849 Revere, J.W.

The 1849 prophetic words from Joseph Revere (Grandson of Paul Revere) in as follows:

Perhaps a hundred years hence, some curious book-worm, while exploring a musty library, may alight upon this then forgotten volume, and will be tempted to find out what was said and predicted of California at the eventful period of her annexation to the United States, and the discovery of her mineral wealth. The poor Indians will then have passed away; the rancheros will be remembered only as the ancient proprietors of broad lands, which will have passed into the possession of the more enterprising race who are about to succeed them; the Grizzly Bear will live only in books and in tradition; the Elk will have become extinct; the wild horse will be seen no more; author, editor, publishers, readers, all will have passed away and mingled with the dust; and perchance new philologists will have so marred our noble English language, that these poor pages will be intelligible only to the learned, what wilt thou then see? Will not a hundred millions of free and happy human beings inhabit the great Republic then still known as the United States of America—their habitations extending from the shores of the boisterous Atlantic to those of the placid Pacific? Will not the arts of peace flourish beyond example, and the majestic tread of man still press onward towards a yet more glorious Destiny? And California—what will she then be? Will she have fulfilled the promises of this our day, and be the highway of a mighty commerce, and replete with enterprise and opulence? Will she have become populous and enlightened, the seat of arts and learning, the generous rival of her elder sisters in all that is lovely and of good report among men?  SON OF A HOPEFUL AGE, thy response may not reach “the dull, cold ear of death; “but Heaven grant it may be such as, if living, we should most wish to hear!


OF ALL THE MANY BOOKS TO WHICH THE CALIFORNIA EXCITEMENT HAS GIVEN, LIEUTENANT JOSEPH W. REVERE’s––the Grandson of Paul Revere––book is probably the most concise and comprehensive, as well as being of a lively and attractive style abounding in anecdote and graphic scenery. His official capacity, and the favorable circumstance, of his approach to the “El Dorado,”together with an apparent accurate understanding of the matter, make his book exceedingly valuable to those who wish as it were a personal introduction to men and things in that remarkable region. 


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