Crash: A Novel Ballard, J.G. October 5, 2001

It’s an excellent story about a man who was in a car accident, which is a catalyst for an emerging and ambiguous new perception on sexuality, humanity, and technology. It is very perverse, yet eloquent. There are sentences that will make you stop and think or make you grab your ruler to measure how far you’re jaw has dropped. It is incredibly creative and full of tension. I think it is a kind of speculative fiction that can has congruence with ideas regarding human nature and our relationship to technology, as well as the power of persuasion. If you’re warped (like me!) you will enjoy the morbidity and scenes of sexual aberration as well! J.G. Ballard studied anatomy at one point and how he infuses this knowledge into the thoughts of the narrator is a cause for inspiration. If you find human bodies sexual attractive (which I hope you do!) you may find yourself going out of your way to learn about them with anatomically correct terminology. Why this would be important to anyone who isn’t learning about the buttocks in this way, I don’t know. Perhaps I have said too much. Oh, and it’s short!

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