Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind Sellars, W.

Introduction by Richard Rorty, Study Guide by Robert B. Brandom

Very difficult for me but worth the struggle.  My advise to the non-philosopher is to begin with Section 1 of the Study Guide, pp. 120–123, just to get some idea of “The Myth of the Given”.  Then begin the study of Sellars with Part VII, section 30, p. 64. 

I believe Sellars own “Myth of our Rylean Ancestors” presents a possible filling-in of Jaynes’ story of the origin of consciousness, a possible explication of his outline represented by his “four phases” of the development of consciousness.  I’m not sure because I couldn’t fully follow Sellars, even after significant effort.  Here, as well as in others places in my study of consciousness, I feel at the limit of my intellectual abilities.

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