God the Devil, and Darwin. Shanks, N. December 10, 2003

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University professor Shanks is an impassioned defender of evolution. He is animated by the progress he believes evolution’s critics are making in injecting creationism into American society, particularly into schools. His opponents’ recent books, rarely reviewed in the press, provide Shanks’ sounding board here, especially titles by Phillip E. Johnson, Michael Behe, and William Dembski. Collectively, they are the leading lights of the so-called intelligent-design theory, which front-rank Darwinist Richard Dawkins, in the foreword, indicts as “pernicious nonsense which needs to be neutralized before irreparable damage is done to American education.” Although Dawkins may be crediting intelligent-design advocates with undue influence, Shanks zealously prosecutes the case against them. He focuses on their main precepts, such as claims that biochemistry possesses an “irreducible complexity” and, therefore, a nonmaterial component, or that thermodynamics refutes evolution. For communities with curriculum concerns about creationism versus evolution. Gilbert Taylor
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