Good and Real: Demystifying Paradoxes from Physics to Ethics Drescher, Gary

Gary Drescher is a scientists who conducts research in artificial intellgence and therefore, is neither a physicists nor a philosopher. But that does not mean he is ignorant of these topics or has nothing important to say! On the contrary, this book reflects not only his knowledge of these topics, but also provides compelling reasons to favor the notion of a deterministic universe. In this book, Drescher provides a very compelling case for the material mind, a deterministic universe, a defense of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, a universe that is fundamentally timeless and lastly, how nothing about the scientific valdity and philosophical soundness of this worldview should in any way, undermine a sense of ethics or purpose. This book will be of interest to those ho are interested in physics, philosophy, the mind sciences- and what philosophical implications these feidls may have on the universe and human nature. This book is well-informed, well-argued and although it can be technical at times, I’m confident most readers will understand the points being made given a careful reading or too. In any case, this book is a must-read for those who argue for a deterministic, naturalistic worldview. I strongly recommend this book!

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