On the Nature of Things Lucretius

Because I think we are headed to a 2nd Dark Ages. Forget the double-dip recession this is the double-dip Dark Ages. Read the article in the New Yorker (8/8) by Stephen Greenblatt: “As the empire crumbled and Christianity became ascendant, as cities decayed, trade declined, and an anxious populace scanned the horizon for barbarian armies, the ancient system of education fell apart. . . . Schools closed, libraries and academies shut their doors, . . . teachers found themselves out of work, ” etc., etc. Sounds eerily like the USA. No matter how many politicians continue to call us the best country in the world and #1 and all that nonsense we are gradually slipping down the ladder. We may not see the final decline but our children or grandchildren surely will. These nut jobs get too much coverage both good and bad. Americans need to remember that the nation was not founded as a Christian nation but a republic founded on secular ideas linked to the Magna Carta. The founding fathers were not all Christians but deists or secularists and even the Christian ones were not about imposing Christian values on the nation. Wake up America before it is too late.

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