Open Secret Wei, Wei Wu Sentient Publications; 2nd Revised edition edition (1 Feb 2004)

Wei Wu Wei is the pseudonym for Terence Gray who wrote 8 books in the 60/70’s on Eastern philosophy which, in my view, have not been surpassed as a series of pointers to what we are. The sages of the past and present knew but what comes down to us are sayings of obvious profundity but seemingly lacking in clarity because we still have great difficulties understanding what it is all about. What we are talking about is metaphysics, the branch of philosophy dealing with Being and Knowing which, like all philosophy, is grounded in Reason but got thrown out with the religious bathwater when Science became the dominant way of thinking. The books are not long and no one can be singled out as distinctly better than the others; all are illuminating. More information can be found on and my website provides a succinct overview of what he is saying.

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