Outgrowing God: Moving Beyond Religion Jeskin, A. CreateSpace (March 14, 2010)

Outgrowing God is a 180-page, easy-to-read, engaging and occasionally humorous call to reason.  (Five star rating on Amazon)  In the book, the author describes his journey from an obedient, religious believer to a compassionate, rational thinker, and makes the case that the world would be a better place if others did the same.  His unapologetic critique of religious belief follows in the tradition of new atheists Harris, Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens, but his personal story of enlightenment and his optimism about a far less religious world in the future make the book a much more inspiring read.  The author is not an academic, so his writing style is also a good bit lighter and likely more palatable to a wider audience than those of cerebral giants Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens .  Outgrowing God should appeal to anyone who is not a fundamentalist believer, who is interested in religion and its place in modern society, and who enjoys books that are fun, cogent and pithy.

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