Sense and Goodness without God: A Defense of Metaphsyical Naturalism Carrier, R.

Dr. Richard Carrier is a historian of ancient science and philosophy. A strong proponent of freethought, atheism and naturalism- this book describes Carrier’s philosophy. In this book Carrier (breifly) mentions numerous issues relevant to the science versus religion and reason versus faith debate. The range of topics inlcudes (but is not limited to); the mind (defense of physicalism (i.e. materialism) and quick responses to dualist objections, time and cosmology, evoluionary biology, the problem of evil, historical methdology, ethics, the meaning of life, and much, much more! Now, previosuly I mentioned that Carrier only breifly covers these topics, this much is true- as Carrier has so many things to say, he only has enough space to condense his central points. Fortunately however, Carriers’ book also provides other books or websites for additional research if one were interested. Basically, Carrier’s book provides a good overview of philosophical naturalism and points readers’ in good directions to increase their knowledge of these topics. I strongly recommend this book!

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