Spirituality in the land of the noble, how Iran shaped the world’s religions Foltz, Richard Oneworld (February 27, 2004)

First of all, MOST people are CLUELESS about Iran. Second of all, almost NO ONE seems to have any idea how influential Iran’s role has been in creation of modern judaism, christianity, Islam, and frankly Monotheism as we know it itself. I would love it if people just learned some historical facts. If western historians that deciduous intentionally not credit Persia/Iran with much due to its ancient Jewish relation as well as wanting to put the border of civilization as far west as possible ( Greece) doesn’t make an excuse for the educated 21st century not wanting to get to see the unbiased version of facts they have excluded from the modern encyclopedia of western history.  This is an easy read, full of referenced facts of all kinds of interesting stuff that most people I am SURE have no idea of.

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