The 80/20 Principle Koch, R.

I feel that this book lays an strong mental foundation on how NUMBERS naturally behave in our universe. Money:  In all countries 80% moves to the 20% wealthy and the 20% remaining crumbs left to be fought over with the remaining 80% of the populous, to how 80% of ones carpet is used in just 20% of the carpet area, to how only 20% of our wardrobe is worn 80% of the time. Gives a glimpse into why the world just isn’t fair, as much as we wish it were.  A phenomenal (and bizarre) occurrence that seems inescapable. Therefore, being able to see the 80/20 patterns developing, in other words - to think 80/20 - one can position themselves to use this principle to their advantage. In personal life, in business, and in every application. Sublime read!

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