The Atomic Bazaar: The Rise of the Nuclear Poor Langewiesche, W 2007

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In his sixth book of combustible investigative journalism, Langewiesche, long a correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly and now the international editor for Vanity Fair, takes on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Fluent in nuclear politics, Langewiesche explains why nuclear bombs are now the weapons of choice for poor and poorly governed countries and “the new stateless guerillas,” and he reveals how such groups can acquire the components of a nuclear bomb. Intrepid and electrifying, Langewiesche reports on contaminated secret nuclear cities in Russia and such U.S. funded outposts as the so-called Plutonium Palace, and he chronicles how stolen uranium and nuclear hardware are smuggled to Turkey, the “grand bazaar for nuclear goods.” The book’s most startling disclosures are found in Langewiesche’s portrait of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of the “Muslim” bomb and the “greatest nuclear proliferator of all time,” and his profile of fellow journalist Mark Hibbs, who has revealed secrets pertinent to the mess in Iran. Langewiesche’s bracing expose of nuclear criminality blasts away the ubiquitous misinformation usually attendant on this alarming subject. Donna Seaman
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