The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life Seabright, P. Princeton University Press; Revised edition (April 12, 2010)

I meant to send this book recommendation for some time, but it took me a while to get around to registering so I hope it isn’t too late. The Company of Strangers is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. It is interdisciplinary in much the same way that your work is, which I think is the future of scholarship. It also manages to avoid a lot of the jargon that typically creates a barrier between the public and academia. In some of your public appearances I was convinced that you had read this book by things you said but I’m not so sure because I don’t see it on your list. If you haven’t read it, I think you will find it valuable. It attempts to answer the question of how social institutions evolved, appealing to biology, anthropology, economics, psychology and history to make the case.

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