The Foundation Trilogy Asimov, Isaac 2004

The core conflict of this long series of books is to reduce the period of barbarism and conflict that will occur after the downfall of the galatic empire. The hero, Hari Seldon, aims to do this with reason in the guise of the science of psychohistory. His moral goal is to reduce the mathematically predicted 10,000 years of suffering to as short a period as possible for as many sentient beings as possible. (Sound Familiar?)

I think more of my personal ethics are rooted in reading Asimov than came from 6 years of Catholic schooling.

I also find these books compelling because we face three simultaneous Seldon crises today: population overshoot, the peaking of world fossil fuel production, and global climate change.
Reading them gives me hope that we too can use reason to get through.

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