The physics of Christianity Tipler, Frank J. Doubleday Religion; Reprint edition (August 19, 2008)

Tipler acknowledges that he is a ‘Physics Fundamentalist’.

Using the principles of five fundamental physical laws: quantum mechanics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, general relativity, quantum cosmology and the Standard Model of Particle Physics, he validates several ‘Christian’ contentions which were hitherto in the domain of miracles. Namely the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth of Jesus, and the Resurrection.

Using an arresting blend of scientific and mathematical logic, Tipler also throws profound light on the Omega Point, God as the cosmological singularity, the problem of evil, and the co-existence of divine determinism and human free will. Never before have I encountered such stunning implications of the multiverse paradigm that emerges from quantum mechanics.

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