The Story of B Quinn, Daniel November 3, 1997

this is the sequel to Ishmael(a book i just recommended).  This book is by far my favorite book, and is the book that when I put it down, I knew i was an atheist.  The story follows a priest who is tasked with learning about this public speaker by the name of B (for blasphemer) who the church believes may be the antichrist.  The book is unique in that whenever “B” gives one of his speeches, you have to flip to the back of the book to read the speech.  The speeches continue on the philosophy that Quinn started in Ishmael.  His speech entitled “The Boiling Frog” is a wonderful analogy to how our population explosion has caused many of the problems we face today.

just flipped to a random page… but here’s a great quote(albeit lengthy):  page155

“I felt sure he was showing us that our population explosion is a social problem, like say, crime or racism. I failed to hear him say that our population explosion is a biological problem, that if we pursue a policy that would be fatal for any species, then it will be fatal for us in exactly the same way. We can’t will it to be otherwise. We can’t say ‘Well, yes, our civilization is built on an evolutionarily unstable strategy but we can make it work anyhow, because we’re humans.’ The world will not make an exception for us. And of course the Church teaches is that God will make an exception for us. God will let us behave in a way that would be fatal for any other species, will somehow ‘fix it’ so we can live in a way that is in a very real sense self-eliminating. This is like expecting God to make our airplanes fly even if they’re aerodynamically incapable of flight.”

another quote: “Confined to their own few hundred square miles, the Gebusi(Tribe in New guinea) are quaint and bizarre. Blow them up into a universal world culture to which every human must belong and they become an obscenity…Confined to the few hundred square miles in which it was born, our own culture would have been merely quaint and bizarre. Blown up into a universal world culture to which all must belong, it is a horrifying obscenity.”

Anyway, it does get slightly preachy with animism; but overall its an excellent read, and continues the most unique critique of our society i’ve ever read.

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