Theological-Political Treatise Spinoza, Benedictus, de November 2001

Spinoza, one of the progenitors of modernity, accomplishes the following in his monumental treatise (keeping it brief, of course):
1) The first thinker to systematically dismantle Judaism and Christianity by exposing the true nature of Scripture and its parochial view of God, Nature, and Man, thereby delegitimizing it as a source of genuine wisdom (with a few exceptions when it comes to the masses). Reason, not faith, must be the guiding force of human action.
2) Practically founds the discipline of higher biblical criticism while doing this.
3) Ignites the flame of Jewish emancipation from theological provincialism into modern, secular culture.
4) Intriguing approach to miracles (pending one’s acceptance of his metaphysics - glad to see that his Ethics is already up!).
5) Provides the intellectual framework for producing a truly modern society by dispensing with Scripture as the backbone for political systems based on the aforementioned reasons, something which no other thinker of his time (most notably Locke) was able to do.
6) Lastly: he wrote one of the best prefaces I’ve ever read, and rocked an epic hairstyle? smile

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