Understanding the Hadith Swarup, R.

Islam is deadly force since its origin. It has spread not through peaceful method but only through sword. Its dominance and power lies not only in its brutal force but sheer ignorance of Non-Muslim about origin of Islam and Muhammad. Qur’an - their only religious book -  most of the time is incomprehensible to lay reader. Qur’an is neither chronologically arranged nor thematically. It’s “Sura and Ayat”  do not provide context also for its proper understanding. Context of this Ayat can only be understood through Hadith - it’s companion volume. As Hadith runs into scores of volumes - it’s again become onerous task for any lay reader to plod through it. Ram Swarup in his seminal work of “Understanding the Hadith” gives context of Ayat from original sources of Scores of Hadith. This is the only work I have come across in my reading that clearly explain in simple language Qur’an and its background. It throws important light on Psyche of Muhammad.

One more information might be added here. Ram Swarup is still not well known scholar in India. It is due to stronghold of Communist or Leftist in Media, Academics and Publishing Industry in India. Ram Swarup also guided scholar like Daniel Pipes and Koenraad Elst.  I think and hope you will include his work on your selected reading list - as it give one more dimension to the people who are connected to your excellent network.

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