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Authors by Last Name (m)

Márquez, G.

News of a Kidnapping (Vintage International)

MacAskill, W.

Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference

MacDonald, Dennis R. Professor

The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark

Machiavelli, N.

The Prince

Mackay, C

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Mackie, J.

The Miracle of Theism.

Mackie, J.L.

Ethics : Inventing Right and Wrong

Macknik , Stephen L

Sleights of Mind

Madigan, T.J.

W. K. Clifford and “The Ethics of Belief”

Magris, C.

Danube (FSG Classics)

Majd, Hooman

The Ayatollah Begs to Differ

Malamud, Bernard

The Assistant

Malcolm, J.

The Journalist and the Murderer

Malik, K.

From Fatwa to Jihad

Manant, P.

The City of Man

Manchester, W

A World Lit Only By Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance

Mann, C.C.

1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

Marable, Manning

Malcom X

Marcus, G.

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

Margulis, L.

Acquiring Genomes

Marks, C.E.

Commissurotomy, Consciousness, and Unity of Mind

Martel, Yann

Life of Pi

Martin, G.R.R.

A Game of Thrones

Martin, Michael

The Case Against Christianity
Atheism: A Philosophical Justification

Marx, K.

The Communist Manifesto (Signet Classics)

Maté, G

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Mates, B. Ed. and Trans

The Skeptic Way: Sextus Empiricus’s Outlines of Pyrrhonism

Matthew Alper

The “God” Part of the Brain

Max Stirner

The Ego and its Own

Mayr, Ernst

What Evolution Is

McAllister, Peter


McCann, Colum

Let The Great World Spin

McCarthy, Cormac

Blood Meridian
The Road
The Sunset Limited

McCullers, Carson

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

McCullough, David

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
David McCullough 1776
John Adams

McDermott, T

Perfect Soldiers: The 9/11 Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It

McEwan, Ian


McFadden, John Joe

Quantum Evolution

McGinn, C

The Mysterious Flame: Conscious Minds in a Material World

McGraw, John J.

Brain & Belief: An exploration of the human soul

McGrayne, S.B.

The Theory That Would Not Die

McGregor, R.

The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers

McIntyre, L

Dark Ages: The Case for a Science of Human

McKenna, T

The Archaic Revival
Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge
True Hallucinations: Being an Account of the Author’s Extraordinary Adventures in Devil’s Paradise

McLuhan, M.

The Medium is the Massage

Mele, A.R

Self-Deception Unmasked

Menand, L.

The Metaphysical Club

Mencken, H.L.

H.L. Mencken on Religion

Merleau-Ponty, M.

The Primacy of Perception: And Other Essays

Mero, L.

Moral Calculations

Metzinger, T.

Being No One: The Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity
The Ego Tunnel

Metzinger, T. (Ed)

Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Empirical and Conceptual Questions

Meyers, Robin R.

Why the Christian Right is Wrong: A Minister’s Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your

Michael Hecht, Jennifer

Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation

Michael Shermer

Why People Believe Weird Things

Mieville, China

The City & The City

Mikicic, Anton M.

God Is Redundant

Milgram, Stanley

Obedience to authority

Mill, J.S.


Miller Jnr, W.

A Canticle for Leibowitz

Miller, Alice

The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting

Miller, Frank

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Miller, G.

The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature

Miller, Henry

Tropic of Cancer

Miller, J.

Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche

Miller, W.I.

Humiliation: And Other Essays on Honor, Social Discomfort, and Violence
The Anatomy of Disgust
Faking It
Eye for an Eye

Mingyur, Y. and Swanson, E.

Joyful Wisdom

Mitchell, Margaret

Gone with the Wind

Mitchell, Richard

Less Than Words Can Say

Mlodinow, L.

The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
Euclid’s Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace

Moffett, M.W.

Adventures Among Ants

Monk, R

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius
Bertrand Russell: The Spirit of Solitude


The Complete Works of Montaigne

Montaigne, M.

Montaigne: Essays

Mooney, Chris

The Republican War on Science

Moore, A.


Moore, C.

A Killing Smile

Morgan, Elaine

The Scars of Evolution

Morrison, Toni


Morrow, James

The Last Witchfinder: A Novel

Morrow, MJames

Towing Jehovah

Moulitsas, Markos

American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right

Mukherjee, S.

The Gene: An Intimate History

Mukherjee, Siddhartha

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

Murdoch, Iris

Under the Net

Murdock, D.M.

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Murray, C.

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010

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