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Authors by Last Name (r)

Graves, Robert

I, Claudius

Oerton, R.

The Nonsense of Free Will

Raban, J.

Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings

Rachman, G.

Zero-Sum Future: American Power in an Age of Anxiety

Raeper, William & Smith, Linda

A beginner’s guide to ideas

Rahula, W.

What the Buddha Taught

Raine, A.

The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime

Ramachandran, V. S.

The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Quest for What Makes Us Human

Ramachandran, V.S. and Blakeslee, S

Phantoms in the Brain

Ramana Maharshi

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ranan, D.

Double Cross: the code of the catholic church

Randall, L.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Randi, James

Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions

Ratsch, C.

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications

Rawls, J.

A Theory of Justice: Original Edition
Justice as Fairness: A Restatement

Ray, Dr. Darrel PhD Ed.

The God Virus

Redniss, Lauren

Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout

Rees, M

Our Final Hour

Rees, Martin

Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape The Universe
Before The Beginning: Our Universe And Others (Helix Books)

Revere, J.W.

A Tour of Duty in California 1849

Reynolds, JM (Ed)

Self-Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awareness

Rhodes, R

Deadly Feasts: Tracking The Secrets Of A Terrifying New Plague
Why They Kill

Rhys, J.

Wide Sargasso Sea

Rice, S.A.

Life of Earth

Rick Strassman

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Ridley, M.

Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters
Nature Via Nurture: Genes, Experience, and What Makes Us Human
The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation
The Rational Optimist
The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature

Ritchie, S.

Intelligence: All That Matters

Roach, Mary

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

Robert Sapolsky

The Trouble with Testosterone: The Biology of the Human Predicament

Robertson, Geoffrey QC

The Case of the Pope

Romeo D.

shake hands with the devil

Ronson, J.

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry
So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

Rorty, R.

Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth: Philosophical Papers
The Consequences of Pragmatism
Philosophy and Social Hope

Rosenberg, L

Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation

Rosenblum, Bruce & Kuttner, Fred

The Quantum Enigma

Rosenthal, D. (Ed.)

The Nature of Mind

Roth, Henry

Call It Sleep

Roth, Philip

American Pastoral
Portnoy’s Complaint

Rousseau, J

The Confessions

Rushdie, S.

Joseph Anton
Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Rushdie, Salman

Midnight’s Children

Russell, B.

Why I am Not a Christian.
The Problems of Philosophy
Religion and Science
The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell on God and Religion
A History of Western Philosophy
Why I am not a Christian
Sceptical Essays
Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits

Ruth Hurmence Green

The Born Again Skeptic’s Guide to the Bible

Ruthven, M

Islam in the World

Ryan, C.

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

Ryle, G.

The Concept of Mind

Swarup, R.

Understanding the Hadith

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