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Interspecies confusion

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19 February 2017 07:06

I am confused with the topic of ‘what should be the behaviour of Human species towards others species’. If i want to analysis this by evolution - its all looks like continuum of species from bacteria to plants and animals including human beings itself. I am a human being so i should protect and help to grow my species. But what concern me after that is our behaviour towards others species. If we hold a logic on feelings of pains (physically and mentally) by other species. Then we have put our logic on neuroscience and upcoming research shown that even lower order species like plants and cockroach can have some neuro-feedback loops , so they can feels pain etc.
Now we just trapped,we can’t do photosynthesis so we have to kill some species for our food-need and protection.
  If the arguments come into play just on methods of killing and eating, like stun and block their pain feelings loops and then we can kill them.Then i can’t differentiate between stunning and killing a chicken or a man or a monkey etc. Now on behalf of evolution we can’t draw a line killings of which species is bad or good.We can exclude the human species by the argument of Intra-species. But is a killing of a monkey/chimpanzee is as valid as a killing of chicken or a killing of bacteria ?

I think i have explained the argument and confusion clearly. Maybe i am lacking with more knowledge on this topic. So i will welcome all the comments and suggestions on this.