The Godfree Society

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01 June 2008 18:05


Ive made a website called the Godfree Society. Im looking for members and people to post ideas and give feedback etc. Id appreciate it if you would take a look.

Thank you

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01 June 2008 22:43
Jefe - 01 June 2008 10:11 PM

Just one little suggestion:

If you must have music attached to your site, please allow controls to turn it off for those of us who may multi-task and find it distracting.

Better yet, lose the music.  Turn it off and keep it off.  You can’t get past the first page without getting a headache.

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02 June 2008 04:21

I stopped by once, very briefly (I think the page mostly finished loading). I’m waiting to hear that one or both of the previous suggestions has been acted upon before checking out the site.


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02 June 2008 08:41

The music on the site is from an embedded youtube player.  It can be turned off by pausing the video, by clicking on it.  It can be easily missed because it isn’t a standard youtube player, and because the video consists of a number of quotes rather than action shots.

Mel Olontha
Mel Olontha
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06 June 2008 11:24

Oh no! Another professional atheist grouping. Seriously, it’s time to get over the “there is no god” phase (that’s obvious anyway) and think more practically about what to do in the real world.
Check out Human Rights organisations such as Amnesty International to help to make the world save from fundamentalists or at least join some Humanist organisation that lobbies against state funded religious indoctrination. There is so much to do.

Pointless talk about “god” bores me if it is from theists or atheists. Check out Sam Harris speech on the problem with this kind of Atheism at the AAI: