Any Muslim response to Ahmadinejan's "comments?"

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17 December 2005 14:43

I haven't read of condemnation from Muslim leaders regarding well-publicized reports of Ahmadinejan's rants. If anyone else has, I would appreciate links. I did read one report of an Islamic cleric supporting these pathetic comments (NY Times/Reuters).  Then, there is Iran's Interior Minister stating that Ahmadinejan has been "misunderstood" (equally pathetic).

Not that I'm expecting support for Israel from Muslim leaders, whether political or religious. However, I would expect swift and stern rebuke to such blatant idiocy.

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09 February 2006 11:15

The silence from the Arab world is deafening. And the hypocrisy is so patent yet the media seldom comments. I am refering to the daily broadcast in the Palestinian territories, the educational materials in Saudi Arabia-the suggestion by some Imans over the last several days that they just want respect and that all human beings can live side by side is BS and obviously doe not apply to anyone who sets down roots in the Middle East-like the Israelis. And why isn’t the press pointing out this huge and patent gap in their logic?

Anyway, I commend you for raising the issue.