Major Newworks on Religon

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19 December 2005 01:50

I see that the major networks are presenting two primetime shows on religous topics this week. One show will focus on heaven. The other will cover what we know about the birth of "Christ". I'm not going to bash these shows before I have seen them but I suspect that they will both amount to a pile of crap. I will be watching to see if both topics are treated as factual and how they try to use science to substantiate nonsense. My guess is that both of these shows will once again present a case that "faith" is a admirable quality that it is beyond the realm of thoughtful discussion. The real problem I have with that is that the people producing these segments are just going for ratings the week before X-mas. Their goal isn't to promote any spiritual or scientific understanding in America. Most of the American public is so thoughtless that they will gooble this up.

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19 December 2005 02:48

Yes, I doubt they will present the athiest point of view.

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19 December 2005 12:26

I saw part of ABC’s , and they did present an aethist.