Tyson Homosexual Eases into 100 Final at Olympic Trials

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30 June 2008 14:14

Or, the Dangers of Auto-Replace.

A right wing organization called American Family Association doesn’t approve of the word “gay.” So any news items that come to their news website get filtered, with sometimes hilarious results.

check it out  LOL

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30 June 2008 17:29

There’s an apocryphal story about a newspaper requiring “homosexual” instead of “gay,” including a search-and-replace in its archives, with the result of Hiroshima being bombed by the “Enola Homosexual.” Good thing they weren’t writing about Frankie Lymon - “Why do birds sing so homosexual…”, or singing “Deck the Halls.”

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03 July 2008 06:41

upon reading that and not knowing otherwise, that could be taken as one heck of an unfortunate last name… comical