On "Moderates"

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19 December 2005 03:14

Regardless of his politics, I do agree with Harris on his assessment of the wishy-washy "moderates."  I find them to be more annoying then the Fundamentalists.  At least the latter are good for a laugh.  I will often watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network show for entertainment; they truly are ridiculous.  Besides, most of their rhetoric is among themselves.  Yes, the moderates are worse with their mainstreaming of "spirituality."  One guy in particular, "Dr." Wayne Dyer with his "Power of Intention" crap is representative of this half-assed, easy-way-out approach to reality.  It baffles me how these otherwise sane, successful adults buy into this "spiritual" pablum of the likes of Wayne Dyer.  And you can throw in the Unitarians as well!

Humble Servant
Humble Servant
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15 March 2006 16:29

Religous moderates are the equivilant to undecided voters. They have no firm convictions on abortion, social issues, capital punishment, the environment, etc,etc, etc…

Religous moderates follow a more libera agenda. They try to fit Christs teaching into todays world and that equals moral relativism. They say to each other “Christ wouldn’t object to that in todays world would he”? To me, it is religon for religon’s sake.