Companions of the Prophet Muhammad Blessed by Drinking His Urine

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21 September 2008 14:54

An uproar in the Egyptian media followed the recent publication of a book by Egyptian Mufti Dr. Ali Gum’a in which he claimed that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad would drink his urine to be blessed.
The fatwa provoked strong objections on the part of the Egyptian religious establishment. Leading Al-Azhar and Religious Endowments Ministry officials stated that Gum’a's conclusions were mistaken even though they were based on Islamic sources. They added that his claims were inappropriate for the modern era and that they only caused embarrassment in the Egyptian street and did damage to the Prophet and to Islam.

There was an outcry against the fatwa from the Egyptian public, and a complaint was filed against Gum’a demanding that he stand trial for harming Islam, the Prophet, and the Companions of the Prophet. Columnists in the Egyptian papers ridiculed the fatwa and protested against it: While some argued that there was no point in raising such issues from the past that had nothing to do with public life today, others stated that the fatwa was for Islamic scholars, not for the masses, and still others said that it was a tool for those who sought to harm Islam. Some also called on Gum’a to resign from his post as the Mufti of Egypt.

While according to some reports Gum’a had apologized for the fatwa, in actuality he clarified that he had not apologized, but had only decided to remove the book from the market and to refrain from appearing in the media until the uproar subsided.

Bongobongo Smith
Bongobongo Smith
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24 September 2008 13:49
mesomorph - 21 September 2008 06:54 PM

... his claims were inappropriate for the modern era

no point in raising such issues from the past that had nothing to do with public life today,

Oooops ; there goes the entire quran down the toilet flush.

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25 September 2008 08:20

It just keeps getting better about the worlds second largest religion.

From beheading 600-900 people to having people drink his urine. That Muhammed fellow is really somebody to honor and worship!

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25 September 2008 08:29

Pee be upon him.

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01 October 2008 11:39

The guy is considered a whack-job in Egypt. That’s why his fatwa raised eyebrows and not a few Arabic cries of “What hell have you been smoking?” Compare and contrast to the weirder pronouncements of the SBC, the current Mormon Prophet or the Pure Foods/Raw Foods culinary-ascetic movement here in the States.