I am an atheist and I have questions

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03 October 2008 12:56

Why was Jesus sent by god to bethlehem and not Bejing? More Chinese then than Arabs/Muslims and Jews put together. Still is.

Is the Abrahamic god bigotted against the Oriental? Does not give a damn about their salavation eh?

Nice guy that ole god feller. Really loves all of his creation.

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03 October 2008 17:01

On the contrary, God sent Jesus’ little brother to China to lead the Taiping Rebellion.  Allow me to suggest Jonathan Spence’s, God’s Chinese Son for a perspective of how a 20 year rebellion against the Manchu Dynasty in the mid-19th century was led by a failed Chinese scholar who found partial Christian tracts which he used to interpret his dreams and realized he was Jesus’ younger brother.  Using this interpretation and re-writings of the Bible, he made Jim Jones’ People’s Temple cult mass suicide the work of a rank amateur.  Estimates of 20 million dead Chinese put him in the company of HItler and Stalin.

Read about it in Wikipedia for the Cliff Notes version.

God did go to China, and he fucked up there, too.

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04 October 2008 14:02
McCreason - 03 October 2008 04:56 PM

Why was Jesus sent by god to bethlehem and not Bejing?

Because god said the people in Bethlehem were the “chosen” people. I mean, come on! He had to choose a people didn’t he? He couldn’t choose ALL the people, now could he? If he did, we wouldn’t have all these separate religions today. And what fun would that be?

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04 October 2008 17:03

Because he thought Mary was a hottie.