Qur’an on the protective nature of the Sky

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30 April 2009 12:52


Well yes, it is hard to remember everything.
So much great stuff to choose from!!!

Mel Olontha
Mel Olontha
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arildno - 30 April 2009 09:24 AM

Muslim pre-destination theory precludes this.

Allah gives guidance to whom he wills, and since he is lauded as the Great Deceiver in the Quran (one of his 101 holy names!), he blinds the eyes of those not worthy of worshipping him (i.e, those who KNOW in their hearts that Islam is true, but perversely deny it. That category consists of all non-Muslims, except all children below the age of 7, who have all been born Muslims. It is their evil parents who warps them into kaffirs..)

But that means I do fulfil the will of Allah! He wants me to be deceived! So whatever I do Allah got me with his catch22.