A.C. Grayling

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17 April 2009 14:37

and some lengthy commentary from him here. His latest book is ‘Ideas That Matter’ for those interested.


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17 April 2009 16:45

This plugs into another thought I have, which is that the education that we get in grade school and college is really just the first step out of many thousands of steps that we ought to take in the lifelong process of teaching ourselves, of being educated by what other people are doing, what’s happening in the world; being educated by staying intellectually alive, staying alert to everything that’s going on out there. This is the imperative; this is what we should all be deeply engaged in, always.


...and, IMO, this is an idea that many people will ridicule and dismiss as indulgent, too intellectual and wasteful.

After all, isn’t it more productive to obsess and consume so WalMart can thrive and Wall Street can jive??