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14 February 2006 08:11

I usually just slip into anthropologist mode when the religion gets thick. That way you can step back and study dispassionately (or at least relatively so). It’s a good viewpoint from which to discuss religious matters as well—helps keep disagreements from getting too personal.


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There is Truth*, and Fear of Truth.

See, feel, know and live the L.O.V.E. which truth offers all*ways.

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Welcome, I guess.  I’m new here also and I got here after you but hey, why not?

One way I’ve noticed is to actually do research into the history of religion and christianity.  You’ll find that the early church mostly incorporated other people’s beliefs into their structure to make it easy to convert the masses.  Early celtic gods and goddesses were brought into the christian religion as saints or prophets, and not to mention their holidays as well.  Easter itself is named after Ishtar;  saint brigid is an old celtic goddess of spring and fertility that has symbols like rabbits, grass, eggs…  Strange, I always wondered where the rabbits were when jesus came back from the dead.  Now I know. christmas was also moved to the time when the romans were celebrating their holiday of “sol invictus”  ( the sun unconquered)  every year around the 24th and 25th of december, the sun drops to its lowest point along its ecliptic for a bout 3 days and then rises again…  original.  plus, jesus wasn’t even the first virgin birth either.  Krishna was one, even horus. stuff like that might help.

Also, I just noticed that’s it’s been a long time since someone last posted a reply to this topic, so maybe noone cares anymore.  Have fun anyway.