I don’t share Michael Coulter’s closing admission of faith”

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12 May 2009 10:51
Keep The Reason
Keep The Reason
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12 May 2009 17:58

I think it does boil down to a fear of death leading to embracing a security blanket so firmly that if anyone even hints at taking it away from you, you will both kill and die to protect it.

It’s a bit of a paradox, but on the order of willing to kil and die for freedom, so one can live free (even if you get killed trying to protect the freedom to live free).

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18 May 2009 14:25

Most people on the planet are intellectually lazy and prefer to be told what to believe instead of learning what to believe.

Thats the bottom line IMO. Absolutism.

Only Theology provides all answers. All one has to do is listen and follow.

We are basically lazy creatures.