Passion of the atheist

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24 May 2009 02:39

New movie coming out in the fall of 2009, about Hypatia of Alexandria. I wonder if they will go the Passion of the Christ way and display her death in a graphic manner:

A rumor was spread among the Christians, that the daughter of Theon was the only obstacle to the reconciliation of the prefect and the archbishop; and that obstacle was speedily removed. On a fatal day, in the holy season of Lent, Hypatia was torn from her chariot, stripped naked, dragged to the church, and inhumanly butchered by the hands of Peter the Reader and a troop of savage and merciless fanatics: her flesh was scraped from her bones with sharp oyster-shells and her quivering limbs were delivered to the flames.

Trailer for the movie Agora

And for you knowledge S/M freaks, it looks like the Library of Alexandria will be sacked in the movie. Nothing like a good book burning to get the blood pumping, eh? Well, papyrus then.

Any bets on Christians getting upset over the movie? Will it be shown in Texas?  grin

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25 May 2009 17:50

Thanks for the info. Looks like it should be a good one. I’m sure the pope has his tights all scrunched-up in a wedgie over it.