Rick Ross….is he ligit?

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21 February 2006 11:35

I don't agree with the idea of deprogramming, particularly this guy R.Ross…if he has his way, every bloody group on the net will fall under his grasp and be a 'good little earner' for his company. Yep all about money!

Anyone know about this..or has an opinion?

Here's an interesting link  

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27 February 2006 22:10

So, he is about as legit as Dr. Phil….

That is my opinion….

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18 November 2006 23:28

His website is a great resource and he always gives good advise on his forums.
In his articles and interviews he shows clearly he knows what a destructive cult is.

Here’s a quote from the Wiki page,

Presented criticism by Scientology and some religion scholars and people related to the Waco tragedy

If teh Sceintologists are critisizing him, then he must be doing something right.
Regarding Waco, I remember reading that the advise he gave the FBI was not acted upon, and if it had of been, there could well have been less loss of life.
I forget where I read it, I think on Rick’s site. (Yeah I know quoting Rick on Rick probably wont influence his critics none.

I think I have a pretty good bullshit detector, and when I read his stuff, I feel he’s on the level.
His website is a great resource, I don’t think anyone can doubt that.