"The sheer force of his charisma is mesmerizing . . . &

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22 February 2006 14:01

Sam has a great book but I just dont know if he can compete with a "triple threat".

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24 February 2006 18:25

He has the charisma of a turd in a punch bowl.
Just look at his public book reviews.  He acts just like the moderate believers that he demonizes in his book. 
There’s nothing more pathetic than an atheist heretic.  The writer of the book turns out to really be just the man behind the curtain.
Plus, the most non-sensical diatribe against Christianity is their wanton desire for nuclear holacaust in order to precipitate the second coming of God to earth.  Even a moron without the sense that God gave a jackass would desire for N.Y.C.‘s demise as if man has any say in the affairs of God.  There is no doctrinal basis for Sammy’s argument that Christians pose a global danger because they actually want nukes to destroy the planet.  Absolute absurdity.  Even more so, a simple minded smoke and mirrors trick to make people hate Christianity even more.  Every atheist at his or her core is afraid of God.  I find it funny seeing an atheist on TV get all bent out of shape, red in the face and in a contorted fit because the word GOD is on our currency.  Then out comes the mint colored “god-out” (as in white-out) .  Makes about as much of a contribution to society as a retard pounding sand.

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25 February 2006 00:14

Fortunately for us, we have “nobody”, our resident expert at pounding sand. (Don’t call him a retard, it REALLY makes him mad!)

I have never once seen Mr. Harris “red-faced”.

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25 February 2006 04:55

Is it just me or is he really that movie star guy, what’s his name. Ben Stiller. I just think Ben Stiller is moonlighting as a PHD who writes books that attack faith-based people. I mean, come on, Ben, that’s you, isn’t it??????

Hey, loved your MTV series way back in the 80’s, or was it the 90’s?

Idaho Atheists VP
Idaho Atheists VP
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01 March 2006 23:49

Every atheist at his or her core is afraid of God.

How in the world could we be afraid of something that isn’t there?
The Flying Spaghetti Monster on the other hand…

Don’t you think that if this all mighty invisible thing you believers get wet over could really talk to people, wouldn’t you think it would talk to us atheists to convince us it is really there?