What is going on here?!

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09 July 2009 15:28

God is hilarious

we’ve seen preachers smacking people on the head and have them fall over. but this is new to me, even though from the haircuts I’d say this was filmed in the 80’s.

There are many ways to show the world just how crazy you are.

Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet
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09 July 2009 20:24

What an embarrassment for our species.

How ironic that this video ought to be the best argument against these fools, yet it would probably not sway one of them.

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10 July 2009 15:00

LOL That was great! At 1:16 in the video, look at the woman’s reaction to Copeland.

A lot of charismatic churches do that. It’s called being drunk in the spirit or holy laughter anointing.

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26 July 2009 08:47

Hmm… this could be the inspiration for the next big Robin Williams movie…

“Robin stars as an irreverent, comedic priest who uses humor to attract the faithful.”

I could picture that.