The Alpha Course

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18 July 2009 13:13

Do you have the Alpha Course over there in the USA? It’s an indoctrination course in basic Christianity for adults who didn’t get indoctrinated enough as children.

A journalist for the Guardian newspaper over here recently volunteered to join an Alpha group and report his experiences. The first column is here, the second is here. I only read the first page out of 360 replies but of those only two were from Christians or sympathetic to Christianity. Which may mean that English Christians don’t read the Guardian or those that do don’t like to put their heads above the parapet. Either way, skepticism is alive and well in Blighty.

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27 July 2009 12:14

Recently there was a television show called the alpha project.
however considering seven of the eight people in the shown group were put off religion after the project, the project is obviously not somthing that will work on a big scale.