V for Vendetta
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Good comic book (thank you Canada!), good movie! Go see it, take the kids.

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[quote author=“riomarcos”]Good comic book (thank you Canada!)!

Not wishing to appear too chippy wink but it was written by a Brit, Alan Moore, and illustrated by another Brit, John Lloyd.
Anyway it’s a great graphic novel and a surprisingly good film adaptation. My hopes weren’t high when I went, but I was very pleasantly surprised, well worth watching IMHO.

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Yes! I just saw this movie and it’s on my top ten list already. I want to watch it again. I thought it had a lot of great quotes and literary references; but since it just came out I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

“It does not do to rely too much on silent majorities, Evey, for silence is a fragile thing…one loud noise, and it’s gone… Noise is relative to the silence preceding it - the more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap. Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations…and it is much much louder than they care to remember.”—V, from V for Vendetta

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“People should not fear their governments. Rather, governments should fear their people.”

Loved it.

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Loved the comics, loved the movie.  See it.  Bring a friend.


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Yes!  Bravo from me on this one too….  I’d put the movie up there with the Matrix Trilogy.

You might also want to see:

Mind Walk
My Dinner With Andre


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I enjoyed it quite a bit.

As a fan of the comic I’d say it hit about 90% of the points it needed to. Not a perfect adaptation, but true to the spirit of the book, for the most part.

What I find interesting is the Christian attack on the scene where the TV show host (his name escapes me at the moment) has Evey in his basement, and she asks him why he has a copy of the Koran, he replies “For the beautiful imagery”.

They cry out, why give false praise to the Koran, with no mention of the Bible? They must be liberal lefty whack-jobs who hate Christianity. (this is only a subtly re-worded combination of comments from two different people).

Well, the obvious answer is that the society shown is an extrapolation of Britain, where I’m reasonably sure that Christianity is the dominant religion. In such a society, the Bible would not be a banned book, but the Koran could very well be.

Hence, no need for Evey to go out of her way to ask about the Bible, because nobody in this fictional society would be dragged off to a secret prison for owning a Bible.

This is also labeled as the bashing of Christians, because a largely Christian nation is being shown as being brutally oppressive.

Poppycock! The society shown is not oppressive because it’s Christian. It’s oppressive because it’s being run by oppressive people. The reason that it’s a Christian society is because Britian is currently largely a Christian society.

Anyway, glad to get that off my chest in a hopefully mostly sympathetic arena.


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