Another example of Islam's "tolerance"

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20 March 2006 03:27

Appalling yes, surprising no. Any muslims out there want to try and justify this one? rolleyes

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22 March 2006 12:24

If it wasn’t happening in the real world, you could swear that this was a south park episode…

I loved this bit.

Trial judge Ansarullah Mawlazezadah told the BBC that Mr Rahman, 41, would be asked to reconsider his conversion, which he made while working for a Christian aid group in Pakistan.

“We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so we will forgive him,” the judge told the BBC on Monday.

But if he refused to reconvert, then his mental state would be considered first before he was dealt with under Sharia law, the judge added.

In other words, Islam is so tolerant that if he reconverts, he can live, otherwise he’ll die unless he’s proven to be mentally sick.
Nothing to do here really but laugh…

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26 March 2006 08:21

Equally tragic is President Karzai won’t intervene. I guess the newly “elected” and “democratic” leadership in one of the countries we are “liberating” stands by old dogmatic law and will allow the execution to take place.

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26 March 2006 14:54

69 more beheaded deaths discovered today. This is out of control and if it is in the nalme of Islam, someone needs to step up and denounce it. It should be shocking for any culture, easst, west, north and south to tolerate this mayhem.

If the new Iraqi goverment does not move, with dispatch, with all its resources to stem the violence, then we ought to give them a warning and pull back perhaps to Kuwait and the Gulf.

There is no reational reason for this violence other than outdated dogma and the facism of fundementalist Islamist. We should not make any apoligies for anyone as long as the Muslims are passive and will not step up to the plate and do something about this. I am fed up, the country is fed up, and while I thought we could do something positive in Iraq, these passive moderate Muslims are not acting commensuate with our committment of material and men. If they don’t do the right thing, we need to pull out and let them kill each other.

Postscript, they do not recognize Israel and foment violence throughout the Middile East. The Saudis, Syrians and Iranians are no better and actively support the chaos that they thrive on. Let’s either get serious or get out.

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26 March 2006 16:55

I hope one of them beheads me before any of those lunatics lays hands on a nuke or a bio-hazard.  These guys make Nazis look like humanitarians.

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29 March 2006 14:31

In the latest example of the Islamofascists’ hostility towards free speech, the “Muslim Action Committee” has pressured New York University to shut down the planned display and discussion of the Danish cartoons by the NYU Objectivist Club.

Well, F*** the Muslim Action Committee.

And while I’m at it, F*** the Muslim religion, their non-existent Allah, and their vicious, deluded, murdering, child-raping “prophet”.

The Committee has posted an appeal to “civility”.

You filthy, hypocritical, pompous little primitive savages, HOW DARE YOU speak of “civility” in our New York City where your nihilistic “martyrs”, slavering with anticipation of their reward of an eternity of f*****g virgins in your pedophile Prophet’s degenerate Paradise murdered thousands of our fellow Americans.

I know some of the people who planned that panel discussion and I assure you they will NOT be intimidated by your fascistic strongarm tactics. They are stronger than you will ever be, because they have the force of REASON on their side. All you have done is awaken more of us to the danger presented by your deadly plague of a religion and motivated us to stand up for our right to speak out. You will NOT tell us what we can say about your religion. You will NOT tell us how we can illustrate our opinions about that religion. You will not take a scimitar to our minds because we will not allow it, and if you persist you will one day find yourselves in the position of the last set of fascists who underestimated us: buried up to your Islamic asses in the rubble of your would-be “empire”.

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31 March 2006 15:11

LightofReason,  :!:
I have sat on my response for a couple of days now trying to think of something to add or contribute but I keep coming up short.  You have driven your point home with a sledgehammer and I say, well done, well said.  Those medievel bastards need to know with absolute certainty what a world of hurt they are in for if push comes to shove.  And the politically correct cowards who cave to such pressure have forfeited any right to sit in any position of responsibility.

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01 April 2006 11:32

If you haven’t seen it yet, run, don’t walk, over to the littlegreenfootballs site for the best April 1 sendup letter EVER, as the CEO of Borders gets his comeuppance for outstanding achievement in the field of dhimmitude. (You have to scroll down through about 8 other items.)

It does NOT get better than this.

Heh, indeed. :twisted:

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16 May 2006 17:20

I wake up everyday in a country destroyed by this evil. Can’t see when you people will wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!