10 baptists arrested in Haiti

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04 February 2010 14:25

So ten baptists from Idaho were arrested in Haiti for attempting to illegally remove children from the country.

So glad the Haitian government is doing something right.

If these people were so well-intentioned then they wouldn’t need to sneak around.  And why not donate to the ongoing aid effort instead of trying to steal children?

I’ll tell you why.  They want fresh converts, young, impressionable, helpless converts for their sick cult.  And they want to take them out of a catholic environment because their way is sooooo much better.

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26 August 2014 01:31

We all believe we are in the right and we seem to think that our intelligence must lead us to the correct conclusions about the world around us. If intelligence is the key then its got the world in a hell of a mess but never mind we are confident we can think ourxway out of it. I believe there are other far more deadly factors in us than intelligence. We have an ambitious and almost all consuming selfish drive to be top dog. Intelligence is just a tool used to achieve our ends; it has developed technology to hastened the race to a new dark age.