Earthquakes? Sign O The Times?

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27 February 2010 08:32

I believe the New Testament was speaking of the supposed last days before Jesus returns… 

Mark 13:8
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. 

An 8.8 magnitude hit Chile’s capitol (south of it) this morning, apparantly.  This after the one in Haiti is surely going to breed brimstone for the Pulpit Pounders in tomorrow’s sermons.

I haven’t yet delved, but I am wondering if earthquake frequency is up over the last decade.

Earthquakes, stock market collapse, and H1N1 OH MY!!


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05 March 2010 17:17

Yeah, and to make matters worse, the anti-Christ is President of the United States and the UN are turning gay!!!  big surprise

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06 March 2010 07:12

Yeah, as usual the ignorance is rampant. The first thing the pulpit pounders should do is study geology before they even comment…but they won’t.