Iraqi elections

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05 February 2005 02:33

It remains to be seen, of course, what the consequences will be of the Shiite preference for the clerical wing over the secular wing in the election.  However, it has to be seen as painfully ironic that the do-or-die effort to hold the election may result in a totalitarian regime based on the tenets of Islam.

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12 February 2005 23:33

The “clerical” ticket you’re referring to is composed mostly of secularists, and has 30 Sunnis on it.

And the cleric who backs it has for many years been publishing works on the compatibility of democracy and women’s equality with traditional Islam.

But of course, it remains to be seen, as you said.

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23 May 2006 23:46

Better that NO Elections at all , like the Friends of the whitehouse the Saudis .

My sincere apologies ,  i thought you were talking about iran elections .