Someone please light a fire under Sam Harris…..

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06 October 2010 21:49

I’m a frustrated reader…

I’d like to buy Sam Harris books in Kindle format, particularly The Moral Landscape.

But there seems to be an embargo outside the US.

So, someone poke Sam with a stick, and get him to poke his publishers with a stick.

Or click the link below (These links poke with a stick) :

I’d like to read The Moral Landscape on Kindle please!

This also applies to End of Faith and Letter to a Christian nation, 2 other editions I’d like to see in electronic format outside of the U.S. of A…...

End of Faith on Kindle please!

Letter to a Christian Nation too!

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02 July 2012 04:08

I couldn’t agree more.  I’m trying to get Free Will on Kindle, but it only seems to be availble to purchasers inside the USA. I didn’t buy a Kindle so that I’d have to go back to storing paperback editions on my bookshelves!