Bill Gates, Sam Harris and the Superstition of State Education

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07 January 2011 00:09

An atheist who is a statist is just another theist - the madness of reason versus the state.

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09 January 2011 20:30

What would it take for Sam to have a debate with Stefan Molyneux ?

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04 February 2011 00:09

Ahh… is almost unbelievable how much ignorance exists within the Christian community, they don’t realize that there are atheistic religions? I could believe in a deity, ghost, in reincarnation, and remain an atheist.
These phrases are typical ignorant Abrahamic, because they are people who have been so mired in the Abrahamic dogmas, that for them religion is like gender. For some reason, they don’t understand the point of not following a religion, and the definition of a free thinker. If the man on the video knew a little about politics and sociology, he would realize how important it is to keep politics free of religion. He has the whole history of humanity to realize this, U.S. history, and still makes this video. This is not about create atheism, is about avoid social divisions caused by different types of religions, beliefs and ways of thinking, about create an atmosphere of neutrality. It seems that this man did not realize what is happening in Egypt.

I might mention it’s stupid that in the XXI century still continue using retrograde political systems. At present, none of the three works, and I think it is ridiculous to keep them especially when you can not create a new political party without being classified under old political standards (liberalism, Marxism, nationalism). Furthermore, I believed that in the XXI century everyone would realize that all wars of the last century were created only for political reasons , and the ideological direction was nothing more than a form of demagoguery.

Speaking of Islamic States.. and Stalin, I ask: what would be the best way to introduce secular republics in Islamic countries? We can look at the example of existing secular republics (like Turkey) and that was in the past (Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq). Many of these republics were accused by the West of being “communist dictatorships” or “pro-Soviet” (case before the Shah of Iran, Afghanistan, etc.), and were destroyed by the U.S. government in close alliance with Islamic fundamentalist groups, because the reason was that these republics nationalized many industries and services, until then held by U.S. and European multinational companies. On the other hand, current secular republics - such as Egypt and Turkey - are subject to internal tensions between secularists and advocates of Islamization, and all of them are fundamentalist movements, whether more or less controlled. However, the policy of Western powers not to support the secularists, but simply give their support to those who don’t compromise the economic, military and geostrategic Western countries in the region.

Someone believe that the U.S. government would risk allow to be taught in schools historical events, which may discourage support for their government? Many would disagree with the “war” in the Middle East if they knew what I just said.

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29 August 2011 18:43
SillyRabbit - 07 January 2011 05:09 AM

An atheist who is a statist is just another theist - the madness of reason versus the state.

States actually exist, the invisible hand and natural rights do not.  Thanks for spouting out your bullet points like a good faithful little libertarian. 

The libertarian circlekerking on this forum is amazing, I might write an ethnography of it.

Brian Macker
Brian Macker
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05 September 2011 12:30
Rakista - 29 August 2011 10:43 PM

States actually exist, the invisible hand and natural rights do not.

Based on your comments you don’t know the definition of either.  So you are unqualified to say whether they exist or not.

Note that both those concepts have significantly advanced human welfare.  Kinda hard for something that doesn’t exist.

Both can provide benefits when operating with less than the full number of cylinders firing.