Child Abuse and Iphone Apps in the name of Catholicism

Scott D. J.
Scott D. J.
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13 February 2011 01:18


I happened upon an article about the Vatican on the BBC news webpage.  It seems to me like the ‘Holy See’ is attempting to cover some of the stain the ‘child abuse’ case has put on their reputation in the news.  To me, it seems like a way of displaying to the Catholic public & those criticizing it that everything is running smoothly and that the church is up to modern times, as with the January 24th announcement on technology by the Pope.  Could this be the unfolding of a new age of a modernized church or more likely an attempt to keep up appearances?  Does the ‘app’ really matter?  Probably not; however, the problem I find with it is the flagrant lack of perspective this shows on their part.  They have a sex abuse scandal gone public and seem to find the creation of online proselytizing and confession more important.  This is a misappropriation of resources that can simply be called stupid.  If one looks over the years from condoms to stem cell research, it may merit be labeled exhaustively stupid.  In fact, it speaks volumes of how lightly this organization actually takes the case of child rape.  So, am I wrong?  Does this public display merit being a signal to people that the Church has far more important priorities than justice against child rapists?  If I am (and I may be), why is there an apparent stall to fixing this problem?  I know it is a small piece of Catholic functioning and is somewhat a reflection of what the BBC wants to interest their readers.  But, the publicity made over this app and Catholic social networking seems to be a case of wanting publicity, other than the current one spanning billions of dollars in lawsuits.  They state the ‘child abuse’ case is important, but find time for deliberation on reinventing confession.

What are your thoughts?

Scott D. J

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15 February 2011 17:17

Catholicism is just big business. Big business merely wants to maintian business in order to remain big. Morality undermines big business and so, therefore, big business (in order to stay in business) gets into the business of morality to make morality part of it’s business. This inevitably becomes the morality business. What maintains this immoral morality business is mindlessness. A Sam Harris book attempts to undermine mindlessness while a Christopher Hitchen’s book attempts to undermine the religious business of morality. Both, in my book, are moral in their imperative.